Ukulele For Beginners – Learn to Play the Ukulele

The first step for ukulele for beginners is to decide what type of ukulele to play.

Learn How To Play UkuleleThere are 4 main sizes to pick from. Soprano, Concert, Tenor and the Baritone

The Soprano Ukulele is the smallest and the most typical type of ukulele. It determines about 20-21 inches long, and is an excellent for a youngster or someone with smaller hands. It is affordable and can be usually found as souvenir ukuleles in gift shops along with in school music classes. It is the popular type for amateur gamers, but because of its size and its sound quality it is quickly out grown by its user.

The next size is the Concert Ukulele. It provides the “traditional” ukulele sound and is great for the very first time user in addition to the seasoned player. It determines 22″ – 24″ and its size allows the user to quickly manipulate fingers along the frets of the instrument.

The ukulele of option for professional players is the Tenor Ukulele. It determines 27-29″. The noise is not the common “ukulele” noise. It is often had fun with the low G string which bringings the instrument a more bass type of sound.

Baritone ukuleles are the biggest of the ukulele sizes. Unlike the other sizes, the baritone is tuned in a different way. The strings are tuned the like the bottom 4 strings of a guitar.

As soon as you choose the type of instrument that fits your needs. The next step is tuning. There are numerous tuners on the market that variety anywhere from $5 – $30. Once again whatever fits your need. go with it.

Next step is the learning the basic chords. A standard ukulele chord book can be found online or in your regional bookstore.

There you have it. 3 easy and basic steps to get you started to learn How To Play Ukulele.

I’m 48 years of ages and began playing the ukulele when I was 6 years of ages. In the fifth grade, I belonged to an all kids ukulele band and amused at regional parties and festivals. Because of high school sports and other school activities, I stopped playing my uke. Several months ago, cleaning out my garage, I discovered my “old” concert ukulele. I tuned it up and was extremely shocked that it still sounded fantastic! I’m enjoying my ukulele again and in the process I’m sharing my experience and knowledge with my youngsters. For more info, please visit

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